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1924 Wembley Rodeo 

Mart's adventures take him from the prairies of Southern Alberta to crossing the Atlantic Ocean.  From there to London, England where he competes before the Prince of Wales at the British Imperial Exhibition in a world-wide championship for the "King's Cup".

Welcome to Wanda’s Pen

Books have the power to take you away to any destination you can dream of.  Come with me on an adventure of discovery.

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Brian: A New Beginning ,

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Historical Literature - Contemporary (set 1940-NOW)
by Wanda P Thompson


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Wanda's Pen

It was a pleasure speaking with you today! I'm so glad we were able to inform you of your selection as a VIP of the Year.

Andrew Intartaglia
Personal Branding Specialist
Worldwide Branding


May 14, 2014

Dear Wanda,

More than ever, women, like you, who have achieved so much, are to be commended and appreciated for all you have done to advance the place of women in the workplace and in the world; you have never been needed more.

On behalf of The International Women’s Leadership Association (TheIWLA), it is my pleasure to announce:

In recognition of her contribution to family, career and community,

Wanda Thompson

Is hereby registered as a woman of outstanding leadership

By declaration of the Executive Committee of

The International Women’s Leadership Association

As such, take your place among other prolific women who have earned their place in TheIWLA.

We live in demanding times!  Women are challenged to balance their lives in and out of the workplace, at home and in the community.  These challenges require that we establish meaningful collaborative relationships, have reliable resources on an “as needed” basis along with opportunities and options beyond our individual reach.

TheIWLA is dedicated to serving women and facilitating their ongoing personal and professional development, to encourage women to dream big and reach far, to empower you to surpass your own expectations as you support other women to do the same.

Your participation widens the influence of every other woman in TheIWLA and they stand ready to do the same for you.


Beth Johnston

Executive Director

for women     by women      about women

It was a pleasure speaking with you today! I’m so happy I had the opportunity to inform you that you were chosen as a Top Female Executive. I can’t wait to see your feature on www.TopFemaleExecs.com.

 Again, congratulations on being chosen for the Top Female Executive distinction.

Andrew Intartaglia
Personal Branding Specialist
Worldwide Branding AIntartaglia@worldwidebranding.com

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